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8 May 2020
Photo by Andrei Bezukladnikov
A performance of The Observer will be shown May 13 within the framework of the "Boris Yukhananov's Cinema: We Look at the Past as if it Were the Present" festival. Today our Photohistory rubric is dedicated to it.
14 May 2019
Photo by Ken Reynolds
The archive publishes exclusive photographs by British photographer Ken Reynolds, who attended performances of The Garden in Edinburgh in September 1995.
10 September 2018
Photo by Olympia Orlova
As we have written, a new, major premiere is in the works — Pinocchio — the latest project from Boris Yukhananov which spectators will see in the summer of 2019. For now, please meet the creative team.
11 February 2018
Photo by Andrei Koksharov
Boris Yukhananov spoke on February 9 at the lecture and educational program of the 25th Pushkin Theatre Festival. The moderator was Andrei Pronin, theatre critic, producer, and art director of the festival. The text of the talk is available in Russian in the archive.
29 January 2018
We recently published a gallery of Ken Reynolds' photos of the Drillalians opera serial. We have now uploaded a new series of Reynolds' works to the archive, his photos of The Constant Principle.
23 January 2018
Фото Кена Рейнольдса
The archive has added a collection of photographs by the famous British photographer Ken Reynolds from performances of the Drillalians opera series.
19 January 2018
Photos by Andrei Bezukladnikov
On January 18, the Kh.L.A.M. gallery in Voronezh hosted the opening of YukhananFest. Visitors perused a collection of Andrei Bezukladnikov's unique photographs presented in the exhibit Boris Yukhananov. Landscapes. Following a two-hour conversation moderated by gallery director Alexei Gorbunov, and Yukhananov's own tales about his student years in Voronezh, his unusual creative journey in the 1980's and 1990's, and much more, the director offered up a screening of the opera Octavia. Trepanation.
24 December 2017
Photos Luchinel Ainuriel
If there were a backstage in performances of The Golden Ass, we would call this series of photos by Luchinel Ainuriel Backstage at The Golden Ass. But the whole point of the Open-circuited Workspace is that it is open, which blurs such boundaries as “backstage.” Here you will find photographs of compositions, modules, discussions, actors and, of course, "consumer contributors,” that is, spectators.
21 November 2017
Photos by Olympia Orlova
The public presentation of Boris Yukhananov’s website and the book Boris Yukhananov. From Theatre-Theatre to Garden took place on November 17 in the foyer of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre.
16 October 2017
Photos from the theatricalized discussion, New World: Market of Fears. Participants included Boris Yukhananov and German journalist and political scientist Christoph Twickel. Moderated by Konstantin Bogomolov.