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6 July 2018
We continue our publication of interviews with the composers who worked on Boris Yukhananov's Orphic Games. Punk-macrame project. Here Kristina Matvienko and Irina Tokareva chat with Vladimir Gorlinsky.
3 July 2018
Here Kristina Matvienko chats with composer Kirill Shirokov.
31 May 2018
Photo by Andrei Bezukladnikov
We publish a gallery of photos of the latest new processual project by Boris Yukhananov and MIR-5, based on texts Jean Anouilh and Jean Cocteau. A single stream of 12 performances that premiered at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre from May 15 to 20, 2018.
23 May 2018
Nazidanie​,​ a film by Boris Yukhananov and Aleksandr Shein​,​ is included ​in the VANGUARDIAS ​program ​of FILMADRID​,​ ​a Spanish international film festival.
18 April 2018
The archive publishes the text of a thesis by Austrian student Andreas Schmideker about the work of Boris Yukhananov. His research is focused primarily on Yukhananov as a writer, which the author relates to the general conceptual and methodological principles of the director's self-proclaimed "new-processual" strategy. The full text is published in German, the abstract containing the main theses is available in Russian.
13 March 2018
A new-processual project of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre on the basis of the myth of Orpheus, texts by Jean Anouilh and Jean Cocteau.
6 March 2018
Sergei Solovyov, the president of the 16th Spirit of Fire International Festival, has presented Boris Yukhananov with an honorary prize: For His Personal Contribution to Cinema, and for the Creation of His Own School.
11 February 2018
Photo by Andrei Koksharov
Boris Yukhananov spoke on February 9 at the lecture and educational program of the 25th Pushkin Theatre Festival. The moderator was Andrei Pronin, theatre critic, producer, and art director of the festival. The text of the talk is available in Russian in the archive.
1 February 2018
The Online Theatre Magazine by the UTE By Herwig Lewy The bassline of the day remains unsaid: United in diversity. Artistic directors of UTE theatres came all the way from Athens, Bucharest, Luxembourg, Moscow, Sofia and Vienna to the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, on 17 September 2017. After a first conference in Milan last year, the focus of this exchange on different theatre structures was on Eastern and South Eastern Europe. For the first time, Boris Yukhananov from the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre in Moscow also attended. Meeting the newest member of the UTE.
31 January 2018
The film of Boris Yukhananov's production of The Blue Bird for the Stanslavsky Electrotheatre is now available for viewing on Digital Theatre +, an international educational platform. Registered users are able to watch every part of the trilogy with English subtitles. A detailed minute-by-minute commentary by John Freedman is also available for perusal on the platform.