Premiere of Pinocchio, a diptych
25 November 2019
Photo by Olympia Orlova

Boris Yukhananov's production of Pinocchio has premiered on the stage of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre. The theatre considers that the work gestated for 48 years, while the set design was developed in sixty versions, the number of costumes exceeded 150, and rehearsals lasted almost three years.
Based on the plot of the famous Italian fairy tale, director Boris Yukhananov and playwright Andrei Vishnevsky created an entire universe that is immersed in "Pinomythology". There are two Pinocchios in the performance, played by actresses Maria Belyaeva and Svetlana Naidyonova. The hero undertakes a long journey, meets many characters (the theatre's entire company is involved in the project), and progresses from the Enchanted Forest to the Heavenly Theatre. These are the two main locations of action, and the titles of the production's two parts.

Next performances take place December 17-18


Vadim Rutkovsky ( 
Nina Agisheva (Snob)
Vlad Vasyukhin (Izvestia)

Photos of Pinocchio:

FOREST. Photographer Andrei Bezukladnikov
THEATRE. Photographer Andrei Bezukladnikov
THEATRE. Photographer Roman Astakhov
Backstage. Photographer Olympia Orlova