Vladimir Gorlinsky on Orphic games
6 July 2018

We continue our publication of interviews with the composers who worked on Boris Yukhananov's Orphic Games. Punk-macrame project. Here Kristina Matvienko and Irina Tokareva chat with Vladimir Gorlinsky.

"The project gelled very quickly. The transition to the production part was absolutely fantastic, because all the existing lines that previously were hidden, not manifest, suddenly appeared and were very powerful. For example, the segment about the construction of instruments was really interesting, for which many thanks to Mikhail Taratin, who made instruments such as special tubes connected by hoses with balloons for pumping air. Kirill Shirokov also took part in this, and what came together was truly an electro-orchestra of monster and mutant instruments. This also happened in a very short time, just three months from the inception of the idea to the completion - people worked as if in a trance.

There are approximately five cardinally different aspects in Orphic Games that the composers had to assimilate: sound design, the construction of instruments, the composing of leit-arias, and arias for Orpheus and Eurydice, which tie the entire project together. There was also work related to the specific inclusion of the sounds of the performers in the space of the hall. This was a whole class of activities that we had to instigate and implement".

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