Writing in the Making. A Thesis by Andreas Schmidecker
18 April 2018

The archive publishes the text of a thesis by Austrian student Andreas Schmideker about the work of Boris Yukhananov. His research is focused primarily on Yukhananov as a writer, which the author relates to the general conceptual and methodological principles of the director's self-proclaimed "new-processual" strategy. The full text is published in German, the abstract containing the main theses is available in Russian.

"This thesis, Writing in the Making (Schreiben im Werden), discusses the work of Boris Yukhananov (born 1957), a Russian director, theoretician and writer. An analysis of his writings, it is an attempt to link Yukhananov's variegated texts with theoretical concepts from different fields of culture and, subsequently, to formulate the main features of Yukhananov's artistic poetics. <...> Boris Yukhananov's work engages the problems of interaction between life and art in a variety of different means. Thus, his writings are indeed "writing in the making."

Abstract (Russian)

Full text (Deutsch)