The Minor. A Diary and The Minor. A Photo Album by Boris Yukhananov
Format: 150х210
Pages: 208
Year of issue: 2017
ISBN: 978-5-905981-04-3
Print run: 500
Publisher: The Theatre and its Diary
Binding: Soft
Language of publication: russian
Age limit: 12+
Type of publication: Gift Edition in a Box

This book consists of the director’s extremely intimate diary, kept in 1999, as he worked with designer Yury Kharikov on a production of The Minor at the Russian Drama Theatre in Vilnius. Photos and a DVD reveal the essence of this performance that based, in part, on the play by Denis Fonvizin. But the production was also a unique experiment in reviving the play through the prism of The Minor in the series Plays in the Theatrical Repertoire and How to Stage Them, published 100 years ago by Russian director, actor and theatre critic Yury Ozarovsky. To buy this book please send a letter to

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