Gift edition of the six Drillalians operas in three volumes
Year of issue: 2015
Publisher: FancyMusic
Binding: Hard
Age limit: 16+

Volume 1: five films on DVD:
Episode 1 — one hour, one minute, twenty-three seconds;
Episode 2 — one hour, thirty-six minutes, forty-seven seconds;
Episode 3 — one hour, one minute, thirty-two seconds;
Episode 4 — one hour, twelve minutes, forty seconds;
Episode 5 — one hour, eleven minutes, eleven seconds.
Volume 2: studio audio recording of the six segments of the Drillalians opera series on five CDs.
Volume 3: complete text of the opera in Russian and English. Hand-made design created by Stepan Lukyanov. Graphic drawings by Boris Yukhananov were employed in the book’s design.

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